About Sloane Home



After having two children, Leanne Johns, creator and inspiration of Sloane Home, took some time out for a little indulgent "me" time, something creative to enrich the soul and raise the spirits.

Learning from master craftspeople, such as pouring natural mineral candles with the makers for HRH Prince Charles, Harry Potter and Downton Abbey sets, Leanne pursued her creative education in traditional skills.

During her time in Floristry at The Academy in Covent Garden, London, she met many gifted artisans, such as upholsterers, crystal glass cutters, chocolatiers and more. They became friends, started collaborating and so became a hive of creative industry, designing and innovating products together. Now Sloane products are made by hand from Leanne's home at "The Rectory" in Wales.

Having had the great honour of fragrancing major events including the Champions League  Soccer Final, one of the world’s biggest footballing events, they also provided The Sloane and Lone Stag Hand Wash and Balms, Candles, Room Diffusers and Room Sprays for the VIP Boxes, the Presidential suite, and the Stadium corridors.

Sloane Home products are now sampled at high-end London stores including Harrods, Harvey Nicholls, Selfridges and Dean & Deluca who are opening in London soon.

All these exquisite treats come together in Gift Hampers, for you to enjoy, as one Mum to another as we all deserve a little bit of “me” time and a moment to indulge in a little guilty pleasure.

Sloane Home’s exquisite gifts and treats are made by hand and packaged at The Rectory in Wales and brought to our USA customers via our US partner at Bouq Box.

Sloane Fragrances

Sloane fragrances, are inspired by British Seasons and traditions, some personal memories.

The Lone Stag Mark

Deer have always held special meaning for the Celts. They believed they were part of the fairy world and had magical powers. As one of the oldest animals in existence, the deer was a symbol of life, fertility and vitality. Their antlers reflected the tree of life. The Celts believed whenever a white stag was seen, it was thought great things would soon follow.

The white stag is a figure of grace, beauty and kindness.

The head of the stag with antlers turning into to leaves, symbolises, new growth in the shape of a heart, the heart of the home.

Sloane and "The Stag" now been featured in London’s Tatler Magazine, World of Interiors and House & Gardens

Why "Sloane Home" ?

Inspired by the Sloane’s of London who hold onto their inherited furniture, antiques, and possessions, who believe in buying the best, and handing down to the next generation. 

Made in Wales, UK and supplied to Prestigious Events, Society and Royals alike. For more Sloane information, please explore Sloane Home website,